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 Holla beautiful people 👋

On this special story by vainz, I wanna share with you about the new innovative and groundbreaking procedures exclusive for you that wanna shine bright face with the specialist aesthetics doctor. Have you known about Dr Alice Prethima? Sheis the highly experienced, licensed and qualified doctor that conducted in top of the line operating theatres using the latest FDA approved medical equipment

Since 1999, Dr Alice Total Wellness has set the standard of Malaysia's medical cosmetic, aesthetic and wellness industry by using the latest FDA approved technologies. How amazing she is to be the best Aesthetic Doctor who provides only the best exclusive procedure to her patients. Many people, who suffered from skins problem and self-esteem about the looks have seen her for consultation and treatment. Over the past twenty years, Dr Alice Total Wellness has grown from being amongst the first cosmetic and aesthetic centre in Malaysia to 3 centres providing a comprehensive range of beauty and health services concurrent with receiving awards and honours.

3 Centres of Dr Alice Total Wellness:

👸 Ageless Medispa & Clinics Sdn Bhd
      No. 257 Jalan Maarof, Bangsar Baru,
      59100 Kuala Lumpur

💆 Alice Total Health & Beauty Specialist Sdn Bhd
      No. 62-1, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar Baru
      59100 Kuala Lumpur

💅 Alice Total Wellness
       No. 46, Jalan Batu Nilam 21A,
       Bandar Bukit Tinggi 2,
       41200 Klang, Selangor D.E

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One of Dr Alice new innovative and groundbreaking procedures, I would like to suggest and tell more about 'Dr Alice Gold Laser' to who suffers acne and other skin problems.

Dr Alice Prethima Michael, the founder of Dr Alice Total Wellness have introduced the new Gold Laser protocol that amazed me! Using the latest photothermal technology, they found a treatment to directly attack the acne problem by using microparticles of gold, along with the laser heat to effectively reduce the acne on the face while giving the clean face texture that we all crave and desire. In September 2018, this revolutionary breakthrough was cleared by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of mild to moderate inflammatory acne.

Dr Alice Prethima Michael once said "I have always made it my goal to introduce the latest treatments, especially treatments that I believe addresses key concerns my patients want me to help them address. Many of us struggle with acne almost all our lives sometimes and by using this protocol combination using PTT and the laser at my centres, we now have yet another weapon our struggle against the acne menace"

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Alright, now I wanna share with you the procedures for Dr Alice Gold Laser that are simple and not gonna hurt your skin at all. Trust me, I have asked Aliza (my friend) what she feels during the process.

1. Cleanse the face from any makeups and specks of dirt.

2. Apply 'Gold Microparticle (99.9% gold)' by using a smooth brush.

3. Using the blue light to kills the bacteria.

4. Cover the eyes before the laser process.

5. Dr Alice will do the laser all over the face.

6. Apply the laser cream and sunblock to protects the skin.

7. And now, the skins are more glowing and smooth.

Dr Alice with Aliza Sara (with her glowing and fresh skin)

This treatment is really recommended to those who suffer from acne and scars for better improvement. Dr Alice recommends doing this treatment at least 4 times to get the good results. But it's according your skin itself, if you have massive acne, the doctor will consult you to get the results.

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Dr Alice Prithima Michael with Mrs Priyaa Simmi (Mrs Malaysia World 19/20)

For this Independence Month, Dr Alice Total Wellness and Ageless Medispa offer an amazing discount 40% for these treatments:
💘 Dr Alice Gold Laser

💘 Dr Alice Facial Rejuvenation Method (Profhilo)

💘 Dr Alice Shine Bright Program

💘 Dr Alice Thread Lift Using Aptos Threads

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Contact: 03-2095 0458 / 010-368 3521

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  1. berapa harga tu.. menarik pulak tengok baring sambil buat treatment, nak jugak kulit muka bersih & berseri

  2. this looks so good but so far away from me

  3. Sesuai sangat la kalau buat treatment Gold Laser ni sebab muka pun dah makin banyak jerawat acne ni. Pedih!

  4. reward pada diri sendiri sekali sekala tak apa kan. tapi kebanyakkan treatment seperti ni menelan kos yang agak tinggi

  5. Laser tu ada rasa pape tak pada muka? Tak pernah try rawatan cmni. Elok jugak takde downtime. Terbaiklah servis dari yang pakar

  6. Wow.. mmg nmpk glowing Aliza tu.. skrg dh byk treatment utk wajah.yg nak kahwin ke nak buat rawatan mmg elok buat treatment skt sini

  7. At my age, I am in dire need of all types of assistance - especially when I want to still look young, kan? Tapi nervous plak bila tengok laser kat muka tu.

  8. Painless laser is what I need right now. And no downtime but still glowing is a very great innovation from dr.alice. belanja sis please! Haha

  9. Macam bagus je rawatan lazer untuk muka tapi takut plak nak dapatkan rawatan ni..sakit tak sis?

  10. Banyak nyer yang buat treatment at Dr Alice, lepas ni kulit you akan berseri-seri.

  11. Waaa bestnya kalau dapat reward pada diri sendiri.. sesekali dapat buat treatment macam ni best jgk kan .

  12. nampak glowing sangat muka kalau dapat treatment macam ni..tapi sayang jauh..hope Dr.Alice dapat buka more branch in future.